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From Antoinette

"Dear Linda

Firstly I would like to tell you that my heart just sang as I read along the beautiful pages of this edition! What a celebration in memory and honour of a loved one. May the messages within these articles continue to embrace the Montessori educational spirit lovingly here in our diverse SA.

I have been a Montessorian for 27 years now and our little pre- school, Timlin, is still proudly taking its place as part of the educational excellence forum here in Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape. As so many of us, directing schools, had to rely on subscriptions of Montessori magazines from the USA and UK and some local attempts for inspiration over the many years, we now literally can press a button!

Congratulations to everyone on your panel.

I would certainly like to contribute and will be in touch.

Kind Regards
Antoinette van Winkel"

From Vanessa

"Hi Linda

I'm still going through the Magazine and it's really well done.

I've sent it onto my sister Antoinette, as she is a Montessori teacher in Knysna and I know that she will really appreciate it.

You have an incredible flair for writing.

Thanks for sharing it with me

From Tamar

"Dear Linda

What an amazing magazine – congratulations. I hope it grows bigger than your dreams.

I was wondering if I would be able to contribute in any way...please see a bit about me and my products below.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings to you and your team.

From Maureen

"Hi Linda,

Thank you for your initiative with this magazine. I don't have a website for now. My circumstances have changed, therefore my involvement with the Montessori way, will be different in future. I will partake enthusiastically in your projects where possible and will share from this existing school soon. The feedback from old students of mine as far back as 1992 is also insightful and a source of joy!

Kind Regards

From Hazel Thompson

"Congratulations my friend, it's really lovely going to pass it on to the teachers etc.

Have a lovely day

Hazel Thomson"

From Joy Nel

"Hi Linda

Thank you so much for the 1st edition it is really a fabulous magazine and we wish you much success going forward.

I have asked my colleague Debbie Thiart to contact with regards to our children's programme Eco Stars as I think you might be interested in that for the magazine as well.

Kind regards
Joy Nel - Fundraiser and Special Events Coordinator"

From Natalie Matticks

"Hi Linda,

Just had a look at your first issue! Congtratulations! It really is exceptional. All your hard work has finally paid off. Well Done!

Kind Regards
Natalie Matticks"

From Michael Watson

"I love your Conscious Life Magazine


Michael Watson"


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